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5.4.17 Request MEDEVAC/CASEVAC

If a MEDEVAC/CASEVAC editor object has been placed in a mission (see MEDEVAC/CASEVAC) then it is possible for group leaders to call the MEDEVAC/CASEVAC via the action menu.

Note: You must be the leader of the group in order to see and use the MEDEVAC action.

You will need to complete the standard 9 line form to request the MEDEVAC/CASEVAC. If there are any errors in the form, they will be shown during broadcast and you are offered an option to correct them.

Image 3-89: 9 line

Line description

LINE 1: Location of Pick-up Site (8-digit grid)

LINE 2: Radio Frequency and Call Sign

LINE 3: Number of Patients by Precedence (urgent, priority, routine)

LINE 4: Special Equipment Required (i.e. hoist, ventilator, etc.)

LINE 5: Number of Patients by Type (litter or ambulatory)

LINE 6: (Peacetime) Description of wounds, injuries, or illnesses / (Wartime) Security of Pick-up Site

LINE 7: Method of marking Pick-up Site

LINE 8: Patient Nationality and Status

LINE 9: (Peacetime) Terrain Description / (Wartime) CBRN Contamination of Pick-up Site

While in a real-life application some of the line entries are supposed to be sent encrypted, encryption is currently NOT implemented in the MEDEVAC forms, so any of these values have to be entered as cleartext.

To enter multiple categories you need to enter a separator between them.

Those can be either

Also, for reference, here is a "cheat sheet" with a sample conversation (Please check with your training officer for the proper procedures to use here as they may differ between different organisations.)

Image 3-90: MEDEVAC Cheat Sheet


A human controlled unit is currently not supported by the MEDEVAC system. Attempts to get in will result in the player unit being kicked out of the transportation. An Admin using "Switch to unit" to switch the player unit with an AI unit in the transportation will result in the player being kicked off the helicopter or ejected once in flight with unfortunate side effects.

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