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7. Scripting

Scripting describes the use of executable script code to further enhance your scenarios. Up until this point the manual has discussed using the Editor Interface (whether in Offline or Real Time mode) to create a scenario or mission, which incorporates entities (units, vehicles), waypoints and triggers. It is likely that you will be able to create satisfactory scenarios using the Mission Editor alone; therefore you will only need a cursory knowledge of scripting. If however you want to make more complex scenarios or customize AI behavior then you will need to learn and practice scripting.

As you work through this part of the manual, the following online references may be of use:

When scripting, you will almost certainly need to refer to the VBS2 Scripting Command Reference. An online version of the Command Reference (the most up to date source) is available here:

It is also accessible via your Start Menu (Bohemia Interactive > VBS2 VTK> Docs > VBS2 Command Reference), and it is located in the <VBS2 Installation>\docs\comref folder.

This section firstly explains in-editor scripting and provides some examples of how in-editor scripting can be used. The second section explains more complex scripting techniques that employ script files. The third section presents a number of case studies on the use of scripting and provides links to example scenarios.


In-Editor Scripting

Script Files

AAR Scripting

Example Scenarios

Adding Lip Movement

Developer Console

Debug Console Plugin

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